How To Take Care for your Silver Jewelry

According to the natural characteristics of silver, it has a very good health care effect on human body. What should I do if it turns dark or dark? (the best way to maintain the silver ornaments is to wear them every day, because the human body grease can produce a natural and warm luster.)

Supplies and materials: old toothbrush (no longer used toothbrush), toothpaste, basin, water.
    • 1. dip the jewelry into the water. How to brush the old teeth with toothpaste? Pay attention not to touch the water when brushing. Don't put it on the tap while washing! Brush the whole jewelry once, and then wash it with water, and the silver jewelry can be as new as the one just bought (Note: toothpaste has chemicals and particles with hardness of 5 - 6, which will scratch the jewelry, do not brush with toothbrush often)

    How To Take Care of your Silver Jewelry

    • 2. Buy a coke (Pepsi, Coca Cola) and soak the oxidized silver jewelry in it for about 1-2 hours. After soaking, take out the silver jewelry and wash it with water, and then dry it to make it as white as new. Note: for the silver jewelry with dim luster, the effect is very good, and for the silver jewelry with black color, the effect will be almost.


    • 3. The cheap and effective special silver cloth and the oxidized silver ornaments will soon become shiny again.

    Remember, never wash the silver cloth with water. If it's dirty, just throw it away!

    • 4. Use silver washing water

    If the above methods can't clean the silver jewelry, use the silver washing water to soak for a while. The time must not be too long. The silver washing water has strong corrosion ability. Generally, one minute of oxidized silver necklace soaking is enough, but don't use the silver washing water frequently. It's not good for necklace color and human body.

    • 5. Warm water and detergent (recommended)

    Put the silver jewelry into the basin of warm water and detergent for 30 minutes, and then wash it with water.

    • 6. You can get it to the jewelry store for professional cleaning. Some jewelry stores offer free cleaning

    how to maintain silver jewelry

    Protection method of silver jewelry:

    • 7. When wearing silver jewelry, try not to wear other metal jewelry at the same time, so as to avoid collision, deformation, scratch and scratch.


    • 8. After removing the silver ornament, wipe the surface lightly with a soft cloth. Then put it into a professional jewelry box to avoid oxidation and blackening due to contact with air.

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